Paul, picking up Pappy in Yuma, AZ in March 2007

“Pappy,” 1917, 75HP, J.I. Case Traction Engine

This big beauty is kindly on loan from KSW member Paul Bonderson. It is in amazing condition and KSW has spent the past two years restoring this engine, getting it fully inspected and certified. This unit is now operational. Pappy will debut on June 13th, 2009 in Chico, CA at the Threshing Bee & Country Faire.

The engine was named in honor of Paul’s grandfather, a locomotive train engineer who lived and worked on SP’s GS-4 class steam locomotives (the venerable Daylight models). “Pappy” served as his professional handle and we’re proud to carry it on.


Here’s Paul steaming up Pappy with most of the restoration completed. First time it has moved under its own power in 50 years or more. Warning – turn your sound down! This is before the rubber cleats were added to the rear wheels and they make a lot of clatter.

Pappy at Maker Faire

Pappy at Maker Faire

Pappy at the Chico Threshing Bee 2009

Driving Pappy at the 2009 Chico Threshing Bee